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Highlights of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi’s press conference of 9 January 2018

Earlier this week, we took part in the celebrations of our valiant Iraqi army and police forces who achieved this resounding victory against our enemies, Daesh and other terrorists in Iraq. We wish them success in all their work and pray that this will be a year of peace and security.

Certainly, there is a heavy burden of responsibilities that our security forces bear in maintaining order and tracking any remnants of the broken Daesh forces in the desert or other areas. Clearing operations are still underway – not military combat, but operations that target terrorists preparing attacks.

Today’s Cabinet meeting discussed funding for the Higher Electoral Commission to ensure that the elections will be held on time. Funding was approved; the Commission will begin ordering equipment and ballot forms for the elections that will be held on 12 May 2018.

My message to anyone pushing for delaying the elections is: don’t waste your time, and get ready for the elections taking place on time.

The conference in Kuwait in a few weeks is not a donor conference; it is a reconstruction conference. We do not want charity, Iraq is strong, able and proud.

Our aim is to encourage economic development, and for that we need capital investment, international expertise and technology to enter the Iraqi market. Iraq is now an exciting and enticing market; you would be surprised how many countries want to attend the conference.

There is a great deal of enthusiasm for investing in the rebuilding of Iraq. The reconstruction of all Iraq a priority – look at the documents we submitted in advance of the Kuwait conference to see how focused we are on this.

The reconstruction is for all of Iraq, because everyone suffered; there are martyrs and those who sacrificed in every part of Iraq.

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