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    Iraq adopts the national plan for human rights

    The Council of Ministers approved the national plan for human rights in Iraq, taking into consideration the opinion of the legal department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

    In the text of the approval, the timetable prepared for the implementation of the national plan was rearranged and a representative of the High Commission for Human Rights was added to write up the required reports for the treaties that Iraq has signed, in addition to updating the plan with reference to the recently approved draft laws.

    A ministerial committee will be formed to coordinate the implantation of the measures included in the plan, to follow up the progress of the action plan and to evaluate it. The committee will include, in additional to the relevant government institutions and bodies, representatives of non-governmental organizations who focus on human rights in Iraq.

    The cabinet’s approval also stipulated an obligation to submit a general annual report on the progress of the national plan as well as providing reports on individual sectors and key indicators to track the measures, recommendations and activities specified in the plan to evaluate them every six months and complete this within the allocated timeframe. Alternative solutions will be studied to fill the gap in the human rights sector following the dissolution of the Ministry of Human Rights and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs.