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    Prime Minister Al-Sudani chairs first meeting of new Cabinet

    The Prime Minister, Mr. Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, chaired today, Friday, the first regular meeting of the new Cabinet.


    At the start of the meeting, the Prime Minister congratulated ministers on being voted in by the Council of Representatives, and underscored the need for everyone to live up to the trust placed in them by the people and their representatives during this difficult period.


    The Prime Minister said that the patience of the people and their sacrifices will always be before us so that we give the best and prove that we are worthy of this responsibility during this sensitive period.


    The Prime Minister underscored that the convening of the first session of the Cabinet and the start of the new government’s duties today, Friday, is a message that this government is ready, prepared and serious to work, day and night, regardless of holidays because we have dedicated our time and effort for this task, and that this approach will be implemented from now on.


    The Prime Minister said that responsibility in the Cabinet is a shared one, and that everyone is responsible for the decisions and for defending them, regardless of secondary political titles. Our first loyalty is to Iraq.


    The Prime Minister directed that the procedures for the process of receiving, handing over, transferring tasks, and assuming responsibility in ministries should be carried out calmly.


    The Prime Minister underscored the need to conduct financial disclosures within a week, so that we would be the first government to submit these disclosures within a week of assuming office.


    The Prime Minister directed all ministers to not make hasty decisions, orders, and changes, and not to engage in the practice of exclusion, taking into account that all those working at ministries are employees of the Iraqi state.


    The Prime Minister said that the government has a vision for conducting evaluation, and that everyone will be subject to an evaluation.


    He also instructed that selecting directors of ministerial offices be undertaken from among the each ministry’s staff exclusively.